Marian Hall Home is conveniently located near Interstate 279 in Bellevue, Pennsylvania. Our mailing address is 934 Forest Avenue, but this is actually the backside of our property, with no automobile entrance from Forest Avenue. (Using some of the automated mapping services on the World Wide Web may direct you to a Forest Avenue in another area of Pittsburgh!) Our front driveway is actually on Quail Avenue, so it will be best if you follow the directions below to reach Marian Hall.

From the south, take Interstate 279 North to Exit 5 and turn right. Go to the stoplight and turn left onto Perrysville Avenue. Travel about one mile to Bellevue Road (second light) and turn left. Follow Bellevue Road about one and one-half miles to Quail Avenue. Bear right and you will be at the front entrance to Mount Assisi. The parking lot for Marian Hall Home is on your right as you enter.

From the north, take Interstate 279 South to Exit 5, bear left, and follow the directions above.

Marian Hall Home, Inc. welcomes all who need us without regard to race,
color, gender, religious preference, or national origin.
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