In 2001, a Benevolent Care Fund was established at Marian Hall to help support residents who are in most need of financial assistance. Results obtained to date have been very gratifying.

Oversight of the Benevolent Care Fund is provided by the Board of Directors of Marian Hall Home, Inc., with its financial accountability ascertained by the firm of Stelmack Dobransky & Eannace, LLC, Certified Public Accountants. Decisions about support for worthy recipients of the Fund are made by the Administrator of Marian Hall Home. There are two primary sources for the Fund.
• Donations: Directed to the Fund by individuals or groups, these are often the result of experience with the services provided by Marian Hall. Memorial contributions honoring loved ones are frequently a source of support, as are masses offered in their names in our chapel.
• Fundraisers: Held for the express purpose of building the Fund, such events often provide a secondary benefit to current residents, as our popular Fall Performers Series has done.

If you are interested in helping the Fund through assistance with a fundraiser or if you would like to make a donation, please contact us or send your donation to the Marian Hall Benevolent Care Fund.

We are now offering a special opportunity to celebrate your loved ones by having their names inscribed on permanent paving bricks that will enhance the beauty of our tranquil private grounds. Complete details


Marian Hall Home, Inc. welcomes all who need us without regard to race,
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