“Personal Care” facilities provide care for people who need assistance with certain activities of their daily lives. Dressing, bathing, meal preparation, and management of personal medication are the types of activities with which Marian Hall residents often need help.

Typically, residents at personal care facilities such as Marian Hall have a degree of independence and the ability to perform much of their own care. For any number of reasons, they are unable or unwilling to live alone, and require some help or supervision with their care or safety needs. The people of Marian Hall are dedicated to respectful caring and to meeting the needs of such individuals.

Personal care is less intensive than that which would be found at facilities such as nursing homes or hospitals. If a resident at Marian Hall requires more intensive care than we are licensed or equipped to provide, we will help him or her move to an appropriate facility.

Marian Hall Home, Inc. welcomes all who need us without regard to race,
color, gender, religious preference, or national origin.
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